7 TED Talks on the need to encourage entrepreneurship


Schöne Talk-Sammlung zum Thema Entrepteneurship

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf TED Blog:

Could unemployment be a factor that leads to terrorism? [ted_talkteaser id=1864]In today’s talk, peace strategist Mohamed Ali (not to be confused with the boxer) introduces us to the youth of Mogadishu, Somalia — 70 percent of whom are unable to find jobs. In this talk, Ali highlights just how appealing the messages of terrorist organizations and gangs can be to these young people. These groups offer a sense of purpose to those who are waiting for their lives to start.

But Ali sees a possible antidote: encouraging entrepreneurship, so that young people are empowered to create their own opportunities. In this talk, Ali tells the story of his Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summit in Mogadishu — and the incredible people there who started a motorbike rental company, founded the first florist in Mogadishu, and more.

In this talk, Ali notes a fascinating correlation. Here, more TED Talks that…

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